Guide to Converting a Tub to a Shower

Tub to Shower Conversions

At times we need to consider coverting a tub to a shower. Does your family prefer showers to baths? Or do you have an older family member who finds it difficult to get in and out of a bathtub. Is your bathtub dated and tarnished after years of use? No matter your reason, converting your tub area into a walk-in shower is a remodeling project that can add value to your home. Convenience to your everyday life.

Walk-in showers and shower areas without tubs are growing in popularity. In a recent study by the American Institute of Architects’ 2019 Home Trends Survey, 70 percent of homeowners like and want to have stall showers with no tub, up from 65 percent in 2018.

Remodeling your current tub area to a walk-in shower or shower suite, your home can increase in value and make it an easier sell if you ever put it on the market. We urge our clients to leave at least one tub in their home and not remove them completely. There may be a time that you will need to bathe a pet, or have quests that prefer a tub. We do recommend that if you leave only one, you do so in a guest restroom.

How Much Does It Cost For The Average Tub to Shower Remodel?

Although some renovation projects are great DIY projects, we strongly recommend turning a tub into a shower up to the professionals. Taking wrong steps and damaging your plumbing can be a costly mistake. This is best left to professionals with experience in reconfiguring or moving existing plumbing.

The cost of your bathroom remodeling project will vary depending on the renovation’s extent and quality of materials. For example, a simple drop-in shower to an existing shower area, materials can be as low as $400 plus the cost of labor. However, moving existing plumbing, building shower walls, and extensive tile work can increase costs.

Pumping Reconfigurations

Reconfiguring and moving existing plumbing to convert a tub to a shower can be some of the highest costs associated with this remodel type. Here are some of the areas that can add cost.

Updating Existing Pipes: Older home may require the pipes to be updated. The cost to replace older plumbing will depend on the amount of copper or PEX needed.

Repair of Past Leaks: Damage from leaking plumbing or moisture damage is usually not detected until you remove the existing structures. If you have this type of damage, the repairs can vary. They can extend from replacing drywall and wall studs all the way to reinforcing floor joices.

Tile: Tiling a new shower install can vary in price. Tile per square feet, can vary from less than a dollar per sq. ft. to as much as $20 a square foot. If your remodel is in an area with existing tile, you may have to replace the entire tiled area to get the styles to match.

Doors: A standard shower glass door can cost around $200 to $400, plus the installation costs. However, you may choose options that are more experience, such as textured or tinted glass, opening doors instead of sliding doors, and the size of the door.

Fixtures: Shower fixture can vary in price as much as cars. Simple shower head and water control can be as low as $30. However, shower consoles with multiple water jets, waterfall showerheads, and lighting features can be as high as $2,500.

Before You Remodel: What You Need To Know Before Converting Your Tub to a Shower

Shower Space:  When meeting with one of our project managers, we will ensure that you have the space for the shower area you want. Plumbing codes require that a shower be at least 30 inches by 30 inches. If removing an existing bathtub, the standard width is 60 inches, leaving enough room for a shower. Our staff will review different options to maximize the use of space.

Toilet Space:  Check to make sure that you’ll be giving the toilet enough room if it’s located right by the tub/shower. While you can expand your new shower out a few inches, you don’t want to feel crowded when using the toilet, either. Moving a toilet is definitely possible, but it can increase the complexity of the project.

Materials Used:  Our remodel experts have the experience to review the different material options with you and provide different ideas. We can provide material samples and images of the project for you to review. We also recommend that you do your own research on sites like Pinterest and Houzz for remodeling ideas.

Your Next Step

A bathroom remodel requires careful planning and attention to detail, especially a tub-to-shower conversion, to ensure plumbing is correct and no leaks will occur. Working with a professional from AIS Remodeling can increase your confidence that the work is done properly, on time, and budget. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.