Hardwood Flooring Installation

A timeless flooring option for any home style is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is durable, classically stylish and environmentally friendly. It is so versatile that it can be installed in any room, and it always adds value to your home. The recent advancements in hardwood flooring provide an unlimited number of color options, pet friendly flooring choices, and a variety of different price points to meet any budget.

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Our Hardwood Flooring Services

Carpet Removal and Disposal: When hardwood flooring is being installed where carpet previously covered the floor. We can remove the existing carpet and padding and properly dispose of the old flooring.

Existing Tile/Flooring Removal and Floor Leveling: Out with the old and in with the new! We remove existing tile or flooring to make room for the soon to be installed flooring. In preparation we will also make sure that the existing floor is level to ensure proper installation of your new flooring.

Hardwood Floor Installation: Our expert installers have installed thousands and thousands of square feet of hardwood flooring. We are quick and our quality is unmatched.

Baseboard or 1/4 Round Installation: After new hardwood flooring is installed, many times baseboards need to be installed or an additional transition baseboard is used to tie the new hardwood flooring and existing baseboards together.

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What makes wood flooring such a great option for homeowners?

When hardwood floors are installed properly, they could last a lifetime. If damaged, you can have your flooring repaired without replacing the whole floor.

Hardwood flooring is stain-resistant and easy to keep clean. Simply use a dry-mop or vacuum (without the beater bar) regularly. Occasionally, perform a deep cleaning by mopping with a hardwood-cleaning product. This flooring can also be a better alternative than carpeting, which tends to trap debris, allergens, and dust more easily.

Hardwood floors aren’t just trendy; they’re also versatile. The look of natural wood pairs beautifully with everything from classic to modern interior design schemes in any room.

This type of flooring is a wise investment, as it never goes out of style. You can change the rest of your décor and your flooring will still look fabulous.

Although this flooring has been around for centuries, today’s finishes and high-quality materials make it even stronger than the hardwood flooring of the past.

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Hardwood Flooring Options

Because wood is extracted in a variety of ways for flooring, hardwood flooring is available in a wide array of wood species, styles, and price points to meet every budget and every homeowner’s needs.

Solid Hardwood

To create solid hardwood, every strip of wood is cut directly from the tree. When installed, the wood is laid down in long, thin strips, creating a classic, timeless look. One thing to consider about solid hardwood flooring, though, is that it’s sensitive to humidity. So before choosing to install this flooring, consult with one of our qualified experts, who can help you be absolutely sure that your home and climate are just right for solid hardwood.

Engineered Hardwood

When it comes to affordability and durability, without having to sacrifice appearance, engineered hardwood is tough to beat. This popular type of hardwood flooring easily handles fluctuations in humidity, so it’s better suited to a range of climates.

Click Lock Installation Hardwood

Similar to laminate flooring, click lock hardwoods are easy to install without nailing, stapling, or using any troweling adhesives. This flooring basically floats over your subfloor, and it’s an excellent way to upgrade your floors efficiently and within your budget.

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We work with hundreds of species and styles of hardwood flooring so we can assure you that we have you covered. If you are not sure what product will work best for your home, or you want more information about the hardwood flooring options available, we can help! Give us a call at 281-832-6410, or fill out the information below and one of our hardwood flooring specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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